5 How to treat a Canon ip2770 Printer Cartridge so that it lasts longer


Printing activities is one of the work activities that cannot be avoided. For example, it is very necessary in matters of office work, companies, shops, businesses, businesses between groups or even individuals. In the world of education it is also very important to make a report, paper, proposal, thesis and so on. Not surprisingly, the need for printers as time goes by continues to increase along with the needs of other well-known electronic devices.

A good printer is very important to choose whether you prefer the brands of Canon, Epson, HP, Brother, Fuji Xerox, Dell and so on. Not only that, some things also need to be considered before buying this type of printer. Even though, in fact the printing tools we buy is among the best technology, it is useless if it is not treated properly and properly.

Component-components in a printer have their own functions, and roles. If there is no regular maintenance, it could be because continuous use will be damaged. The price of this copy and print tool is not as cheap as imagined. So, it is very important to take care so that the printer we have can be used for a long time.

The parts in the printer that need to be treated are: Cartridge, Cartridge unit, Head, Mainboard, Chip, Timing belt, Paper tray, and sensor roll. These elements are very vulnerable to damage. Especially Cartridge which is an object attached to a printer that functions to hold ink, which then flows into ink until printing occurs.

The Canon type ip2770 printer is the one example. There are so many enthusiasts of this type of printer. So, we can take an example in the treatment model for the Canon ip2770 Printer Cartridge. Basically, every type of sophisticated printing tool has almost same parts from one another.

Whether it's a Dot Matrix printer, Inkjet printer, laser or thermal printer. So, for treatments carried out in outline is the same. Next, for your printer to last and produce good images or printouts, you need to do cartridge maintenance carefully. For more information, please refer to the discussion below.

How to treat a Canon ip2770 Printer Cartridge so that it lasts

1. Don't leave the printer quiet for a long time

The first practical tips are to use your printer regularly. Do not let you stay in printer for a long time. This can result in the spray mouth. The cartridge will dry out, because it has often been exposed to exposure to hot and cold air every day.

Of course, this also has an impact on the road resistance of the ink that comes out when the printer will be used. Then the printer ink cannot come out. So, it is better to use the printer regularly. Even if you don't want to print anything, at least try to use the printer to print one or two sheets so that the mouth of the cartridge spray does not harden.

2. Do not use printer outside the limits of the device's capabilities

The Canon ip2770 printer is a powerful and powerful printer. However, if you use it continuously without stopping, the edges will certainly be damaged too. In general, using a print tool outside of the ability of the tool can make it damaged instantly.

The cartridge on the printer also requires rest. For that in a single print process, do a maximum of 30 sheets. After that, let the tool rest for a few minutes then you can start to print again. If you don't notice these simple things, no matter how good your printer is, it will also be damaged.

3. Perform regular and non-redundant cleaning

For those of you who has often used a printer, you must understand how to do these one printing tools, right? This step is done if the ink issued is usually less smooth or out lines that are not the same in writing or drawing.

The solution is to clean the printer. However, even though this method includes tips on correct fixing, it is best not to overdo it or too much. If you go cleaning too often, it will damage the mouth of the spray cartridge and eventually it will become damaged. So do the cleaning as needed.

4. Fill the ink before it runs out

Ink as the main ingredient in printing activities is a very important factor. Try to fill the ink before the ink completely runs out. If you leave this cartridge part not filled with ink for a long period, then the results can only make the inking clogged and eventually the cartridge is damaged. So, it cannot be used anymore. It would be better if you take the time to fill the ink rather than having to buy a new cartridge.

5. Do not carelessly turn off the printer

If you are still using the printer, then just leave the printer turned on. It should be noted to turn printer on and off according to the procedure. Because of the careless treatment will make the ink scatter. This scattered ink makes the foam in the ink reservoir in the cartridge full quickly. If it is full, the cartridge will not be able to print documents even if the printer is still on. So, turn off the printer when you will not use it or do not turn it off when the computer is still operating.

These are the best tips and advice for those of you who are trying to do good and correct care for cartridges. The tool for storing and removing this ink when it has jammed will be very troublesome. Wrong in the taking handling actions, your printer will not be able to be used again or even have to buy a new one. This is our hope that printer cartridges can last long and last. Therefore, understand first the trick so that the printer cartridge lasts with the description described above.

Although each printer has a different type of cartridge. Like Epson type printers that have cartridges separately with the print head. Then between the print head and cartridge is integrated, like a Canon brand printer. Likewise, also with HP printer types, cartridges and prints heads that are not separate. However, essentially the function of cartridges for all types of printers is the same, namely to print. Make sure to take care of all parts of the printer regularly, including even the simplest parts. So, you will enjoy the benefits of this advanced printer technology tools. May be useful!.

5 Ways to increase AD Income Breaks Facebook Fan Pages


Who does not know one of these social networks? Its use is so popular and in demand by all social media connoisseurs throughout the world. Facebook is not only used as a means of entertainment or just getting information. Now it is widely used as an online business. Everyone recognizes and uses it from young people, teenagers, to parents. Why? The ease of accessing and operating it is an attraction. In addition, the fan page feature is able to make money, it's no wonder most people get huge profits.

Today, social media, often referred to as the word "FB", is not only used for status updates or discussions in groups. Many people are competing for income, of course this will work in a good and right way. For those of you who have succeeded and succeeded in getting money coffers from Facebook, in addition to understanding how to register and monetize videos in AD Breaks, of course you also need the best instructions on how to increase revenue from this AD Breaks right? Not carelessly, but it needs a smart and clever way to increase your income from the fan page feature on that Facebook. How to?

There are some suggestions that you need to try to understand this digital internet business more. The Ad Breaks technology embedded in the fan page video itself has the meaning of a short commercial break or advertisement embedded in the video with certain terms and conditions. Furthermore, videos that are in accordance with the target audience will be approved by FB to use this ad break or AD Break. Now this is where video makers get money by including short advertisements. Not much different from YouTube and Instagram, Facebook also continues to increase significantly for loyal users. Do you want to try it too? Let's understand the practical way below.

How to increase AD Income Breaks Facebook Fan Pages

1. Making Interesting Content

What interesting content does it mean? Certainly is a unique video and invites anyone who watches it to comment. Although the number of comments does not affect the income you get, do you know? The content that makes people comment has a large cost-per-click (CPC) ad, because the parties from Facebook themselves consider the fan page to have a high post coverage and reputation, so eventually cost-per-click (CPC) will be greater.

2. Traffic Audience Has Targets

This one process is very important, because determining the right target audience makes the content easily found by fans. An example is a fan page with a football theme. Well, then you put the content "Ronaldo". Then an ad will be posted with the target video "Christiano Ronaldo", so fans or those who like Ronaldo will see the content we uploaded earlier. Not only up there, after that you can click "Narrow" to complete the target audience. For example with the word "Juventus", so automatically people who like Juventus will like the content too. This can make the cost per click (CPC) bigger.

3. Meet the standard of eligibility for monetization

The important thing and should not be ignored is the content of the video that you are broadcasting does not violate the standard requirements of the community, adhere to the rules of the fan page or payment rules. For now, monetization of a video on Facebook fan pages is indeed much easier compared to YouTube channels. However, over time more violators of the provisions will make Facebook continue to update its policies. So you also need to give the latest things in your AD Breaks Fb. If wrong in acting can reduce the quality of your Ad Breaks performance.

4. Keep updating regularly

There are still other tricks that need to be considered for you, namely updating regularly. Maybe for those of you who have other main jobs, it would be better to arrange a schedule in advance or list the content that you make. Although this one step also seems very easy, even though this is the most severe clue. Do you know? Most people updating videos regularly need enthusiasm, hard work and high will. Whereas to accelerate monetization, you alone need to fight for it.

5. Promotion to the appropriate group

One other way for many who like the Facebook fan page is to spread the video or content that has been uploaded to the fan page and share it to several matching groups. For example, your fan page is about culinary and cooking methods, so try to share with groups of mothers. For example, a group of housewives or mother group recitation and so on. So the selected group must have the same topic as the video you uploaded. Well, to avoid actions violating the rules on Facebook, it is better to share a maximum of 3 times a day to different groups. Because, if shared too much as a result your account will be considered spam.

The description above is a variety of powerful tricks for those of you who want to get more income on Facebook's Ad Breaks. If you are a beginner and have succeeded at this level, you should be given a thumbs up. Actually, to be able to multiply your income is not as easy as it looks, because just like other social media accounts, namely YouTube, Instagram takes perseverance and patience to start and live it. This is the main key to all the instructions and ways to increase Facebook revenue described above.

Who doesn't want to have a large income from the online world? This is everyone's dream. Even though the competition is getting harder, if you really pay attention to good instructions and how to do it well and correctly, it will certainly be easier. You just need to be consistent and diligent in trying and keep learning new things. Please optimize the performance of your FB fan page through this AD Break! Good luck and good luck.