Huawei Pocket Printer - Instant and Simple Photo Printing

huawei pocket printer

Huawei Pocket Printer - Instant and Simple Photo Printing - This article discusses the advantages of Huawei pocket printers. The advantages of the huwawei pocket printer are Instant & Simple Photo Printing, Advanced Zink® Printing Technology, Print, Peel & Paste, Magic AR Photo Printing, Palm & Pocket Friendly, Convenient ID Photo Printing, Customize Your Beauty, and Business Card Printing.

Instant & Simple Photo Printing

Through fast and stable HUAWEI Share or Bluetooth connection, you can easily print and share the photos you love.

Advanced Zink® Printing Technology

Adopts safe and eco-friendly Zero Ink (Zink®) printing technology with 300 dots per inch (dpi) image printing resolution to deliver vivid colour with rich details.

Print, Peel & Stick

With Zink® sticky-backed photo papers, you can easily print, peel and stick the photo you love anywhere.

Palm & Pocket Friendly

The HUAWEI Pocket Printer has similar weight (195g) and size to your smartphone, making it light and compact for easy portability.

Magic AR Photo Printing

Link the photo that you are about to print to a short video and the video will play automatically when you scan the printed photo.

Business Card Printing

With built-in templates for fast & professional-looking business card printing in case you forget to bring it when meeting someone important.

Customize Your Beauty

Add your own personal touch with our user-friendly App that includes various templates and editing features for free DIY before printing.

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